Selecting a Memorial

Selecting a Memorial

When you first come in we will ask you a few questions to help us get started: the name of the cemetery in which your memorial will be placed and the number of lots or burial plots that you have. This will let us know the guidelines we will have to follow in creating the memorial, since each cemetery has its own rules and regulations regarding any memorial to be installed. Rest assured that the memorial you choose from Hudson Monuments will meet your cemetery’s guidelines and regulations.

The pages below give a brief overview of the monument selection process. There is a lot of information here, as there are many possibilities when selecting the right memorial for your loved one. Take your time and go through each page to gain an understanding of the options and terminology, and please feel free to e-mail us or call us with questions.

Style: pertains to the overall look of the memorial. This includes the shape, height and width of your memorial.

Color: this will determine the material of the memorial, most commonly granite or bronze.

Carving & Etching
Carving & Etching: these are different techniques used to produce the artwork on the memorial.

Symbols: is used to decorate the memorial. Each symbol will represent a different meaning or belief.

Lettering: how the engraving will look and what is inscribed on the monument.

Full Size Drawing:
Full Size Drawing: the drawing is a sketch of the design that will be on the memorial. You will be able to view the drawing before any engraving is done on your memorial.